West11 was specifically designed to assist pharmacists involved in Community Methadone Programs.

Acting as a subordinate system to other dispensing, West11 maintains a compelete dosing record, bringing in toght controls on missed doses, take-away profiles, and script expiry. Most of all, the pharmacist is freed from the recording system, and is free to concentrate on the client.

Supported by an optional Methadone pump driven directly from the system, West11 has been used successfully to deliver over 500 doses per day from a single dispensing point.

West11 allows any drug to be dispensed (Bupren, Suboxone etc) with a variety of dosing patterns.

Reporting is fully compliant with Regulatory bodies.

RDS (Remote Dosing System) is a variation of West11 which has been used to successfully process over 300 doses per day for the Prison System. This involves off-site dispensing with controlled couriers for transport, and transfer sheets of instructions and confirmation between the sites and the pharmacy

CDS (Care Dosing System) is a similar variation based on Nursing Homes.

For more details contact west11@com.au