ClientProjectYearSkillsKM Component
SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission Bushfire Review Team. Version of Observations Management Hub 2020 ASP.NET SQLServer 
CloudbreakConvert Deal system 2020 MSAccess ASP.NET SQLServer 
ALPHA InsuranceInsurance Broker system 2019   ASP.NET SQLServer 
Queensland HealthAssistance with Lessons Learned 2019  Assist with development of framework for Capital Assets Branch
Marque RestorationJob Tracking 2018   
Nut Producers AustraliaProject Management 2015 - 2020   
SA Power NetworksMetering. Replace forms with Toughpad Excel Workbooks 2015 Excel 
SA Power NetworksExcel Macros for NBN, Public Lighting etc 2015 Excel 
Dulux AustraliaWarranty Database 2014-2019 MSAccess 
SA Power NetworksPackaged Works 2014 MSAccess Business Analysis 
SA Power NetworksProject Management Dashboard 2014 Excel 
State Revenue OfficeKM Assessment and Framework 2014  Assist with the preparation of a Knowledge Management Framework
SAPOLAsset systems - MS Access support 2014 MSAccess 
SACE BoardReporting 2014 Crystal Reports SQLServer VB 
University of South Australia Confined Spaces Management 2013 Excel VBA 
EldersSupport for Rebates System 2012 - 2014t SQLServer MS Excel SSIS MS Access 
Murrumbidgee IrrigationAdvice on Intelligence gathering. 2012  Lessons Learned of a major incident
WoodsideKnowledge Assessment, Develop Knowledge Framework and Knowledge Strategy 2012   
CoatsCo-ordinate Knowledge Retention Exercise 2012  Knowledge Harvesting, Knowledge Retention
SantosKnowledge Management Assessment 2012  Survey and Assessment report prior to preparing a Knowledge Framework
DEWNRReporting Systems, BI Reporting 2011 - 2012 Sharepoint Report Manager SQLServer SSRS Oracle Solutions Architect 
IGAExcel conversion to Office 2007. 2011 VBA Excel 
SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission Logistics system for State Emergency Centre 2011 MSAccess 
OsmofloReporting from ERP. 2010 SQLServer Reporting Services Navision 
Department of Families and CommunitiesTweak Tool. General Purpose Database Maintenance Tool 2010 MSAccess SQLServer 
SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission Property and Asset Registers. Works Planning System, including Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Budgets. 2009-Present Asp.Net, SqlServer 
SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission Building Projects Management - Web Conversion. Convert the current MSAccess Application to the Web 2009-2015 ASP.NET SQLServer 
SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission COAC Committee Proposal Tracking 2009-2011 VB.NET SQLServerTask Notifications and Meeting control.
Luke Koumi Document Storage System. handles the Warehouse Operations plus on-site Client functions for Packaging boxes and requesting boxes 2009 - 2012 ASP.NET SQLServer 
LMI Group Claims Coach. To support a framework of progressing and assisting the preparation of Insurance Claims 2009 - 2011 ASP.NET SQLServerLessons Learned Capture, Peer Assist, Expert Locator
SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission Lessons Learned System. Support Database and system for capturing and escalating lessons learned, with follow up on Actions. 2008 - present MSAccess SQLServer ASP.NetLessons Learned Software, Operations Improvement Cycles, Risk Register. Expanded to cover Virtual Debrief
University of South Australia Asset Management - Improve and Redevelop Maintenance Accounting and Maintenance Planning systems 2008 - 2010 MSAccess, SQLServer 
TelstraPaging Fleetmap. Asset Information and Workflow processing 2008 - 2009 SQLServer VB 
TelstraSAGRN Mobile Data Network Reporting 2008 VB.NET SQLServer 
TelstraHelp Desk History Reporting 2008 ASP.NET SQLServer 
Mitolo Group Financial Reporting 2008 SQLServer Reporting Services Microsoft Dynamics Navision 
SA Water Operations Reports 2008 Crystal Reports 
SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission Appliance Delivery Program 2008 ASP.NET SQLServerProject Management System to control delivery, fit-out and allocation of vehicles
Cobham Flight Ops and Services Project Falcon Reports 2008 Crystal Reports 
Cobham Flight Ops and Services Financial Reports 2008 Crystal Reports 
Cobham Flight Ops and Services Surveillance Australia Reports 2008 Crystal Reports 
Department for Correctional Services Psychology Database. Amendments and rollout to regional centres 2007 MSAccess 
SA Water Variable Resource Modelling. Upgrade and Modifications 2007 MSAccess ASP.NET SQLServer 
SA Water Data Logging. Provide a co-ordinated repository for logger information, with management and extraction and reporting capabilities. 2007 ASP.NET SQLServer MS Office 
Department of Education and Child Development Home Education Database 2006 - 2018 MSAccess 
SA Water Workstream 2010 Project Corporate Reporting System 2006 - 2010 SQLServer MSAccess ASP.NETEncapsulate Knowledge on Performance Measures, Drivers, Validation of data for External Reporting
LMI Group LMI Group Internal Staff Forum 2006 - 2010 Knowledge Forum ServerKnowledge Management and Forum Moderation
University of South Australia Writings of War Research Team Discussion Forum 2006 - 2009 Knowledge Forum ServerKnowledge Management and Forum Moderation
SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission Construction Project Management Control System, including integration with Scheduling System, and MasterPiece Invoicing 2006 - 2009 MSAccess ASP.NET SQLServer 
Pushing Fin Web Site Hosting 2006 - 2008 Web Hosting 
Courts Administration Authority Financial Reporting 2006 Crystal Reports SQLServer 
AIAutomotive Support for Manufacturing System 2006 Systems Advice, PICK 
Cobham Flight Ops and Services IT Help Desk Stats 2006 Crystal Reports 
Department for Correctional Services Reports to Social Inclusion Board and other systems 2006 MSAccess 
Fisher Jeffries Crystal Reports Training 2006 Crystal Reports MS Excel 
Luke Koumi SA Prisons Project. see Packages for More Details 2005-2012 Visual Basic, MS Access 
LMI Group Policycoach. Refer to Packages for more Details 2005 - 2010 ASP.NET SQLServerE-Library, Knowledge Transfer via expanded help and Inference Engines
Australian Wine and Brandy Corp Support for Data Warehouse 2005 SQLServer, Data Warehousing 
Classic Black Chauffeured Vehicles Web Site 2005 Perl/CGI Web Development PHP MySQL 
Handy Sell Contract Storage and Reselling system 2005 MSAccess 
LMI Group Web Hosting 2004- 2008 Web Hosting 
Paul Williams & Assoc Web Hosting 2004 - 2008 Web Hosting 
Aust Pipe Bands Association Web Hosting 2004 - 2008 Web Hosting 
Henderson Components Infrastructure/Relocation 2004 - 2006 Consulting, Application Support 
Affordable Organics Webhosting 2004 - 2005 Web Hosting 
Origin Energy National Reporting Centre 2004 - 2005 MSAccess 
Origin Energy SAFRON Reporting Systems 2004 Crystal Reports Oracle ASP 
Origin Energy SAFRON Implementation 2004 Technical Writing, Training  
Local Govt Finance Authority Treasury Reporting System. A set of reports associated with the Quantum Treasury Package 2004 Crystal Reports, SQLServer 
Policy Comparison International Develop web site. Refer to Packages for More Details 2003 - 2010 ASP,SQLServerSupport via expanded Help, Knowledge Centre for integrated Searching
Policy Comparison International Web Hosting 2003 - 2008 Web Hosting 
Craneford Wines Web Hosting 2003 - 2007 Web Hosting 
IPA-Soft Web Hosting 2003 - 2006 Web Hosting 
Origin Energy Various Reporting Systems 2003 - 2005 Crystal Reports Oracle 
Computer Image Financial Reporting 2003 MSExcel 
Dancecorp Technical Advice 2003 Project Management, Technical Advice 
Griffins Lawyers Full Site Support for all Hardware and Software 2002-2003 MSOffice, WinNT 
Guardianship Board Reporting System. A system to provides statistics for Annual Report 2002 - 2005 Crystal Reports, MSAccess 
Internode WebHosting 2002 - 2003 WebHosting, SQLServer 
Aust Boutique Premium Wines Network Support 2002 - 2003 Windows Server 
F.H. Faulding Annual Reports System. A system to process the Notes to the Annual Reports 2002 MSAccessIntegrating a 'Notes to Accounts' system to General Ledger
University of South Australia Lecturing. Intro to MSWord for School of Nursing. 2002 MSWord 
South Australian Institute of Teachers Text Retrieval 2002 KE Text RetrievalProcessing of Text Databases of Advice
Normandy Mining Treasury Reporting System. A set of reports associated with the Quantum Treasury Package 2002 Crystal Reports, SQLServer, MS Excel 
CTEL Advanced large scale Web Based Transaction Processing Systems 2002 Web Servers ASP CGI 
Adelaide Bank Treasury Reporting System. A set of reports associated with the Quantum Treasury Package 2002 Crystal Reports SQLServer MS Excel 
Forensic Court Services Client Management System 2001 - present MSAccess 
DGL International (Malaysia) SDN BND Factory Scheduling. A system to control Batch Production in Malaysia Plant 2001 - 2014 MSAccess 
Office of Public Advocate Reporting System. A system to assist with Annual Reports 2001 - 2008 Crystal Reports, MSAccess 
DGL International (Malaysia) SDN BND Colour Matching. A system to assist with colour matching 2001 MSAccess 
Southcorp Finance Treasury Reporting System. A set of reports associated with the Quantum Treasury Package 2001 Crystal Reports OracleBoard Reports integrated into processing systems
Attourney-General Drug Court Client Management System. An internet based system for tracking Client Progress through Rehabilitation under the auspices of the Drug Court. 2001 ASP SQLServer MS Excel MS Visual Interdev 
Railmec Management Reporting 2001 Crystal Reports 
Railmec Works Reporting 2001 Crystal Reports Oracle 
South Australian Institute of Teachers Client Master Files 2000-2002 PICK 
South Australian Institute of Teachers Client Enquiry Systems 2000-2002 PICK 
Luke Koumi West11 Methadone Dispensing System 2000 - 2014 Visual Basic, MS Access 
LMI Group Wizardry Business Continuity program 2000 - 2003 Visual Basic, MS Access 
South Australian Mental Health Client Systems 2000 MSAccess 
Defence Department Training and Workshop 2000 MSAccess Training 
DGL International (Malaysia) SDN BND Warranty System. A system for processing warranty claims 2000 MSAccess 
South Australian Finance Authority Treasury Reporting System. A set of reports associated with the Quantum Treasury Package 1999 - 2002 Crystal Reports, Oracle,MSExcel 
Adelaide City Council Project Register System. To record and control the Capital Program for Electrical Engineering. 1999 MSAccess 
Powerstate Financial Services Client Master Files 1999   
Powerstate Financial Services Investment Reporting 1999 MSAccess 
Professional & Medical Insurance Agencies Client Master Files 1998 Crystal Reports 
Commonwealth Dept Primary Industry ANEMIS. A system for the Control Room during an Exotic Disease Outbreak 1998 DbaseGathering information which maybe incomplete and out of sequence
Techsearch Incorporated Accounting 1997-2001 PICK 
Techsearch Incorporated Project Costing Systems 1997-2001 PICK 
Techsearch Incorporated Management Systems 1997-2001 PICK 
Olympic Dam Marketing Client Master Files and Marketing Support System 1997 Visual Basic, MSAccess 
Australia Post Machine Throughput Statistics 1997 MSaccess 
Economic Development Authority Management Information System 1996 Paradox 
Workcover Corporation Claims Enquiry 1995-1998 PICK 
Workcover Corporation Ad Hoc Enquiry 1995-1998 PICK 
Workcover Corporation Management Information System 1995-1998   
Executor Trustees System Conversion 1995 PICK 
Baulderstone Hornibrook Construction Management, Project Management 1981-1989   
South Australian Health CommissionClient Master Files, Renal Laboratory Systems, Hospital Administration Systems 1976-1981   
Johns PerryProduction Recording, Production Planning, Project reporting, Project Control, Project Accounting 1971-1976   
FibremakersProduction Recording, Production Scheduling and Planning, Warehouse Inventory Management 1969-1972   
Fry Systems Various     


'In partnership with Fry Systems, we have developed a learning system of innovative toolsets to capture, analyse and record actions, forming a central backbone to our knowledge management systems.'

Mark Thomason, Manager Operational Improvement, CFS

'I have had a good look at LMI RiskCoach and am very impressed with the comprehensiveness and quality of the information contained within…you are to be congratulated on putting together a very useful tool.'

Mr Chris Laming, lecturer on insurance and risk management at Deakin University

'the most powerful, innovative and comprehensive set of research tools available anywhere in the world.'

Nick Balcolme, partner with London based Harris Balcombe LLP

Award Winning Service

Insurance Industry Awards Fry Systems client, the LMI Group, wins the 2010 ANZIIF Innovator of the Year award, for their Knowledge products in Insurance in Australasia Case Study

actKM Forum Winner of the ACTKM10 GOLD Award for Knowledge Management Case Study