Knowledge Forum Server

  • Range of products from simple to sophisticated
  • Easy to Use, Controlled by you
  • Affordable

Knowledge is only facts - until they are shared.

Knowledge Forum Server is an internal forum, where knowledge seekers and knowledge providers are brought together, and underlying all that is a set of systems to foster and support that sharing.

The components act together, but can be accessed independently. They can be run as a site, or individual components used in your solutions.

At the simplest level, we are trying to take the Librarian function and the IT function and bring them together to start in KM. The same approaches are also relevant for a more sophisticated implementation.

As well as the Knowledge itself, a Discussion Forum is provided for each topic to foster interchange and sharing. This Discussion Forum feature is also available as a stand-alone option

Standard Components

  • Hierarchical Search. Utilises the power of SQLServer to provide a highly focused and controllable search engine over your databases.
  • Help System. Powerful tools to create and maintain Help systems associated with your applications, web sites or collections.
  • Automatic Hyperlinker. Create and control hyperlinks in your database tables, especially those which serve contents for web sites
  • Forum. Discussion forum which can be accessed from anywhere
  • Project Librarian. A reference catalogue for links to databases, web sites , content, files - all under one consolidated catalogue.
  • Project Historian - for on-line in-situ surveys, such as progressive Lessons Learned exercises.

Pricing options are available for all levels of business, and all forms of implementation

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