Comply can be run at many different levels.

Let us take as an example, testing the fire extinguishers in the Finance Department Office:-

Assets, we will have defined an asset type of "Fire Extinguishers", and an asset of "All" fire extinguishers in the Finance Department Office

People, we will have defined the Finance Department Workgroup and the staff members who are in it.

Levels of Recording, starting at the simplest.

  • Record the fact that the fire extinguishers in Finance Department were tested on a particular day, with notes about any issues for follow up.
  • Record a "Metric" that fire extinguishers must be tested, and specify a series of tests and steps which apply to that metric, and apply that specific test to the Assets and People involved. Record that the test was done.
  • Record in the "Metric" the complete list of competencies and functionality for each person and asset, and record a test against each of these.
  • In addition you can (optionally) generate score/test sheets for the tests as Excel Spreadsheets, to be printed or taken to the field on a notebook.
  • In addition you can (optionally) automatically process the scores/test results
  • Over and above all that you can (optionally) record and set review periods, on the assumptions made in setting metrics and tests.
  • You can mix and match these levels across different metrics and assets in the database.

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