• Powerful tool for capture and analysis of Narrative
  • Easy to Use, Controlled by you
  • Affordable

Narrative represents a powerful Knowledge Transfer mechanism, but we are not all equally good at it. Haphazard or anecdotal capture may work, but a consistent and organised methodology is needed.

Knowledge Historian can be embedded in your software at any point, and uses Templates that you control to record the aspects of narrative which you have decided are important at that time, together with an open invitation to record more.

Knowledge Historian presents itself as
Sharon Watson, Project Historian

Sharon is non-threatening and research indicates that the role of "Project Historian" enables interraction throughout a process, rather than waiting on a possibly shortsighted Post Implementation Review. The Invocation of the template is done in Sharon's name, and she has an email address which can be handled by Fry Systems, or diverted to an internal address in your organisation for response.


- Template Set up. We have extended Stephen Denning's Templates for Business Narrative to a fully functional framework for varied narrative capture.

- Narrative Analysis. Powerful tools to create and maintain analysis facets on all narrative, linked into your standard databases

- Capture Invocation. Controls the automated pop-up of the Narrative Wizard in your software.

These components act together,  but can also be linked to other features of Knowledge Forum Server, such as forums, search etc.

Pricing options are available for all levels of business, and all forms of implementation